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600_06-Desert_FlowerThis was supposed to be the topic of our bible study on Wednesday, but we kept getting sidetracked with more mundane, mom-centered stuff. Basically, we needed to kvetch about our kids for a while. Some days are just like that.

The bible verse we were (supposed to be) looking at was Psalm 92:12-13

12 But the godly will flourish like palm trees
and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.
13 For they are transplanted to the Lord’s own house.
They flourish in the courts of our God.

What the devotional spoke about was how, so often, when we find ourselves in less than desirable circumstances, we moan and groan, (sorta like we moms were doing that evening). We complain about how terrible the situation (e.g. husband, boyfriend, children, job, boss, professors, friends) is, but we are stifled and smothered and remain stuck in the bad situation.

But a plant, when far away from a window, will slowly bend to reach the light. We too, as God’s children should reach towards the light in a situation. Sometimes just changing our perspective can go a long way to improving the situation. And sometimes not. But it’s worth a try.

What if, when “stuck” where you don’t want to be, instead of complaining, you ASKED God what your plan was supposed to be in the situation. Why did He put you there? Does he need you to learn something or teach someone? Is He trying to get your attention away from things? Or have you left Him by the wayside, choosing to tackle something on your own?

Last week, as many of you know, Dear Husband got laid off. He’s worked since he was a junior in high school and now he’s [redacted], so he’s been working for [redacted] well, a freakish number of years. I, on the other hand, am basically one of those underachieving Type Z personality where I just sit around eating Reese’s cups and making cute babies. Mind you, I didn’t say they were well-behaved–just cute. So, in our new situation, I again asked God what He thought I should do. I was seriously hoping He would tell me that I needed to continue my useless, slacker ways and stay home and play with my last cute baby. I was totally ready to bloom in my own little house.

God, sheesh, however, had other plans. Yesterday, I had THREE calls from agencies (two after I posted yesterday’s blog). I even had TWO calls where they asked ME for recommendations for other people because I was WAY too qualified for the position they were trying to fill (see–there is a HUGE need for slacker chicks like me). Today I had a phone interview (that seemed to go pretty good if I DO say so myself), for a job that will carry us through December. Tomorrow (or today if you are reading this tomorrow), I have TWO MORE interviews. I even had a ANOTHER company call me at the end of the day to see if I would do a phone interview with them on Monday. SERIOUSLY? Now the last call, at a company I will not name in any way (see the whole, “don’t say bad things about people or companies in emails” entry) I won’t go work for them. I can’t. While reading their web site, the company stated the dress code is “business professional Monday through Thursday, and business casual on Friday.” That was listed as a perk. After my son was born I burned all my suits.

And my pantyhose.

Okay, I saved a few for tying up plants in the garden and for any potential funerals that I might need to attend but let me tell you–I would REALLY have to love you to wear pantyhose to your funeral. I don’t even plan on wearing them to mine! So I don’t think I will fit with a company that will require I upgrade my wardrobe beyond 2nd Avenue’s 2 for 1 sales.

So it looks like I will be joining the workforce in the near future. I’m working on blooming. I was hoping God had something else in store for me. Something that allowed me to sleep later and watch more “Flipping Out” and “Housewives of Atlanta” but given that I’ve had five calls for work, I’d say that’s the direction He’d like me  to go. He knows He can’t be subtle with someone like me.

I’m a little nervous–but excited at the same time. I’m watching my husband make his “to do” list of all the things he plans on accomplishing during the 5 precious hours where the big kids are at school. I’m a little scared that some items include power tools. The Baby will be home and I’m not sure if he plans on just leaving her upstairs with Dora, or setting up the pack-n-play between the router and table saw. It will be interesting. Today, while I was still working out some of my mac issues from yesterday, I watched my husband brew beer, do some laundry (or at least carry it down to the basement), cut something on the table saw (what IS it about the table saw?), AND make something smelly for dinner. I think I’ll keep him.

IMG_0895-thumb-480x360-185So, think about where you are right now. Are you happy? Are you blooming? Are you reaching for the SONshine?


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